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  "Mom, you don't let Yang he followed me, I'm going to Hewan, Han them out,they are girls!" Think of my brother and I went out to play with, I can't helpand mother complained that.

  I do not know when, I gradually disgusted with brother went out to play;gradually more and more home late; gradually and parents disagreed;gradually like Zhang Junwei and Christine Wan, they went out to play......

  "No, you are a girl, how much ah! Let him go with you, protect you!" My mother a strongly worded to say.

  "Cut", my pie pie mouth, said: "I protect my contempt!!! To Cai Jiaxinbullying, find the door, it will only hide, finally is not I drive them out! He hadalso protect me!"

  "No, you must take him." My mother speechless, sharply reprimanded me.

  "SEEYOULATHER......" , I smiled. Waved, ha ha! The elevator comes, my kind (cheap laugh......).

  At night, I happily returned home, my mom's gas anyway has disappeared,the first to write homework to.

  From small to large, once I go out, you must take my brother to go, also as the said "protect me".

  I was writing a composition when my father came to nagging: "KIKI (QiqiHakka), what are you doing?

  Don't read!!

  "And", I said, replied in the heart: "I'm writing a composition!"

  So, my dad nagging said: "writing you don't scratch, is not!"

  I have no language, I always feel a draft is very troublesome, write a composition which are free to write. Moreover, the examination no time ah!

  Draft, I since the childhood of the most didn't like writing way!

  Come back and 3 months to 14 years old birthday, youth but come first!

  For parents, or science or not, all this should see we need or don't needtime!

  To pour out feelings to their parents, for fear it will suffer a slap in the faceor a beat or scold, I prefer to be his own thoughts tell friends.

  Gradually, I no longer bound parents, in the flower of youth, we think, a casual movements, will students hurt parents, they are old, but old, we self righteous, a casual movements really hurt the hearts of parents!