How time flies_1500字

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  Time flies, I just want to say: can I call you \"sugar sugar\" again? How long can I call you again \"NiuMin\"? Can I call you again \"zhiyuan, brother?\" Can I call you \"sister\" again? ...... How long can I call you teacher again? How long can we together? How long we together of the time you left?

  In fact, the first year, we may be the best of friends. In the second year, we could be good friends. Again the next year, we may not be often talk to friends. In the fourth year, we may be even words all don't want to say friends. So, I want to tell my friends, how long can we together? How long we together of the time you left? You, is the most precious for me, because you changed my life. No matter how sweet, or how close, I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget. Also tell my old friend, I will never forget. Remember, everyone needs a friend. One day, you may feel you have no friends, just remember these words, you'll be glad to know that someone CARES about you.

  If one day, you walk in the street, but heard a familiar voice behind tearing voice yell you once the nickname, you will not be stopped suddenly, and then go back and look at every familiar and \"months\" face, still feel you will be in tears?

  Six years of primary school life, I thank the most, is my teacher. They selflessly taught us knowledge, like treat their children affinity, treat us. Let us in the school will also feel very warm, like my mother all around us. We used to make you angry, now think of, is really ashamed.

  People is such, is always in front of the respectively, just know to cherish, sorry. Although, respectively between us in the summer, but how long can we together? How long the time we share together with...