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  My name is Yao Yuru, this year twelve years old, is a Gemini girl, is also the Nanchangthird day seven class of students.

  I am a healthy girl, because I have a good eating habit. I was a vegetarian, I often eatsalad lettuce silk, carrot stew and fried cabbage. The fruit is very healthy food. I likeeat star fruit, cherry, peach, grape and kiwifruit. But my favorite fruit is blueberry.

  I like sports. I like to play badminton play tennis, because they are very easy and interesting. My favorite sport is playing basketball. Oh, "the little dwarf reincarnation" I just love basketball this movement, this is baffled. Don't look at me is a small but girl,last visit to his alma mater, I play basketball with a group of old classmates with a university, but I grabbed a few times high school seniors ball! For me is that even the "three ball" "gatekeeper" is what all don't know beginners, but I am very proud! For my height, playing basketball is very difficult, but fortunately the pain in music, it is veryuseful and interesting. Why useful? I wonder if you have not heard of, plenty of exercise can promote bone growth, especially for jumping movement!

  You are a healthy girl? If not, please try to let oneself become a healthier!