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  Today,there is a lot of pollution.Air pollution ,noise pollution, white pollution and so on.It said that

  the pollution is a big problem.It is difficult for us to solve this probiem in a short time.The Earth is calling!

  Long time ago,the Earth is full of green.But unlucky,with the development of the times,people had to develop more resources in order to change the situation.So the greens had to disapper so that the people could change life better.The greens made a lot of useful things such as papers.

  Our contry,China,is uses lots of coal to used for various make.When we burn excess coal , the air will become more and more worse.Then ,PM2.5 will follow.And when we just cut down trees,also can make a lot of dead vegetation , PM2.5spread. This would mean , we always live in an open laboratory.We are ready to fight. For the sake of our future.

  When we burn lots of things,think of the emvironment; When we throw the rubbish everywhere, think of the emvironment; When we complain about the poor environment,we have to think about what to do for it.

  There is some useful advice. We can put the rubbish into the dustbins, we can go out on foot or buy underground, it is convenient and environmental, we can make our home neat as well.

  Please protect the Earth. The Earth is calling!