My school bag_1500字

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  School bag, it is indispensable to our primary partner, with the help of it, we learn things have their own little world.

  My bag is in a family and a year ago when I went to the mall to buy.My school bag shape is like a rectangle, not big.It's for 35 cm tall;For 26 cm wide;The side is 15 cm wide.It is shoulder straps, back it, not let me very hard, also won't shoulder.Its color is deep pink, has three brothers look positive, the most special is the third.Old is a big love, big love on the surface there are Snow White, Cinderella and sleeping beauty cartoon design, very eye-catching.

  My bag is not only beautiful, but the function is all ready, in eight pocket, each have each use.

  Third, is a big love, is mainly responsible for a small notebook and red scarf and other small sundry store.Second, is responsible for some homework I do my homework, such as: dictated this copybook, family, etc.Eldest brother is the richest, not only its own layer, it also contains three small layers, a piece of board and middle, the back there is a layer of gauze, how a layer.

  The boss's first child, is mainly responsible for keeping a green pen bag, and finish the homework in the evening, it's easy to hand in the homework early the next day.Eldest brother's second child, I want to class is responsible for the warehousing use books and Chinese, maths, English coach book and synchronous exercises books, such as: explores and activity book, etc.A third child for taking care of some reference books or learning materials.

  While it on both sides of the small pocket, one side is string bag, bag.Cable is my light blue small folding umbrella bags;Put my bag is small with the kettle.

  So many things into the bag, bag how hard ah!But it never complained, silently accompany me!!!!!!!I thank you help me carry bag, so much knowledge!